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Trapped in a Cursed Game as an NPC Manhwa cover

Trapped in a Cursed Game as an NPC

Read Trapped in a Cursed Game as an NPC latest chapters on ManhwaTop. Save the Earth is the latest big thing in the game world. Players can experience the most realistic fights and adventures by simply equipping their VR headset, and the game's advanced AI constantly generates unique moves and challenges. However, this has caused the game's difficulty to rise abnormally, and an operations team employee is swarmed with bug reports and complaints. To resolve the issues, she logs in as a non-playable, immortal character—Shari Azriel, Dover Village's apothecary. As Shari, she suddenly notices something strange: though only a day has passed in the real world, she has been living inside the game for over two years. With her attempts at logging out proving futile, she becomes concerned for her real body's wellbeing. Shari contacts the game masters, but they are virtually useless. It soon turns out that Shari can only escape by beating the game: a feat nobody has accomplished before. Shari must now prevent Crown Prince Cassel Ludwig from falling asleep, or all his doomsday nightmares will come true—and if she fails, her death is certain in both worlds. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaTop
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