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Saving My Sweetheart Manhwa cover

Saving My Sweetheart

Read Saving My Sweetheart latest chapters on ManhwaTop. Leticia is the cruel daughter of the saintess, and her lust for blood is matched only by her penchant for evil—or so they say. In truth, she has suffered for years as nothing more than a scullery maid, being a mere scapegoat to keep her mother's image clean. And now, she is being forced to wed King Ditrian, a man whose kingdom reviles the saintess and her daughter in equal measure. However, this is not Leticia's first life. In a past life, Leticia taught herself to love King Ditrian—but alas, the two fell victim to the schemes of the evil saintess. This time around, Leticia resolves to do whatever it takes to keep her beloved alive, even if that means sacrificing herself. However, she is not alone; a power that lay dormant in her awakens, sparking a chance that never appeared in Leticia's first life. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaTop
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