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Red and Mad Manhwa cover

Red and Mad

Read Red and Mad latest chapters on ManhwaTop. Lee Yejoo is a female college student who lives alone and has a secret: she has a special ability to go to the future beyond by walking through the door right before she dies! One day, she crosses the door and arrives in the future a thousand years later to avoid a natural disaster! However, a thousand years later, the Earth is in a situation where humanity is almost destroyed. It is a dark world where animals talk and humans try to eat each other. Worse, a handsome madman who has superpowers has started chasing her to kill her! He calls her a time traveler and attributes her as the cause of doom. At the moment she tries to survive and find a way back, she lies that she doesn't know what a time traveler is. "If you take me to the other humans, I'll tell you how to survive!" The contractual relationship established in exchange for death in silence. But why does that man's back look so safe and warm? That wasn't part of her plan. What made her want to melt that frozen future? "You not only depended on me, but you also arouse other unclear emotions in me." This is a romantic chase between an obsessed man and a woman trapped in the future while trying to avoid death! Will Yejoo be able to overcome all this and go back to the past? (Source: Kakao Entertainment Corp., translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaTop
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