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Payback Manhwa cover


Read Payback latest chapters on ManhwaTop. Lee Yoohan never believed he could turn over a new leaf. Dropping out of school, he leaves his family behind to start working as a debt collector. One day, his estranged younger brother reappears, asking for money to help their mother, who has suddenly fallen ill. Just as Yoohan is about to honor the request, his brother gets stabbed to death by an infuriated client. To make matters worse, his lover, Song Myung-shin, steals Yoohan's savings, and his mother passes away after being unable to afford the surgery. Five years have passed since then, and Yoohan has nothing to his name except his part-time job. While delivering a package, he hears Myung-shin—now an up-and-coming celebrity—talking to his manager about the day that destroyed Yoohan. When he discovers that Myung-shin is the one who orchestrated his brother's death, Yoohan immediately decides to take revenge on his ex. At first, Yoohan attempts to become an actor, but his lack of talent and sponsors makes it impossible for him to harm Myung-shin's public image. But an unlikely meeting with the handsome yet bizarre Jay, who has the connections to boost his career, might give Yoohan the opportunity he desperately needs—if he is willing to pay Jay back with his body. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaTop
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