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I Can See Your Death Manhwa cover

I Can See Your Death

Read I Can See Your Death latest chapters on ManhwaTop. In the small provincial town of Dienta, Eshana "Essie" Ash seems to be nothing special, hardly worth a second glance. But hidden within her crimson eyes lies the mysterious power to see death. The exact date and cause of one's death float ominously above everyone's heads, visible to none but Essie. For years, Essie has lived out her mundane days saving others when she can. Very little seems to faze her now—that is, until a bloody man in expensive clothing winds up outside her door, asking for her help. His name is Pell, and Essie knows it is not his time to die yet. Rather, he will die in five years' time, and the cause of his death is simply written as "Eshana Ash." [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaTop
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