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Chasing Lilies Manhwa cover

Chasing Lilies

Read Chasing Lilies full chapter on ManhwaTop. The web novel Secret Spouse shocked its readers with the most unexpected plot twist: it was actually a girls' love story the entire time. The exquisite prose and clever plot captivated sizable audiences, and the industrious Park Hwa-won takes pride in being one of the novel's early fans. She is completely enchanted by Kim Yuri, the novel's author, and faithfully leaves daily uplifting comments on new chapters. So when she comes across a lost USB containing many of Yuri's unpublished chapters, she can hardly control her elation. Hwa-won sees Yuri as a flawless goddess: gracious, compassionate, and incapable of anything less than perfection. However, a folder on the USB lists all the comments that Secret Spouse ever received—all but Hwa-won's. Believing that she has somehow displeased Yuri, Hwa-won resolves to personally deliver the USB to the author and prove herself worthy. But instead of meeting her idol, she runs into a loud, brazen woman with an unclear connection to Yuri. As Hwa-won realizes that her favorite author is not quite who she imagined, she unwittingly entangles herself in a complicated relationship, with feelings overflowing on all sides. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaTop
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