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The Bad Ending of an Otome Manhwa cover

The Bad Ending of an Otome

Read The Bad Ending of an Otome latest chapters on ManhwaTop. The game's heroine had a limited time to live. Meanwhile, I played the role of the villainous friend that vies for the male leads' attention before being eliminated by the player. However, after that kid died, I made the decision on my own to exit from this story. But, what do I do? The reactions of those around me are a bit strange. "I came to the marquess's estate because Ophelia needed a friend around her age. And now, Ophelia's dead." Their gaze seemed to be asking me why I was stating the obvious. I said it plainly, "So, I should leave now." For some reason, the two men made an expression as if they were at a loss for words. They used to consider me a fly that stuck to Ophelia's side, so why? (Source: Yeondam, translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaTop
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