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My God Is a Lustful Man Manhwa cover

My God Is a Lustful Man

Read My God Is a Lustful Man latest chapters on ManhwaTop. The reserved ethics teacher, Jeon Haesul, leading a life without many aspirations, unexpectedly finds herself residing next to a deity of desire and pleasure named 'Dionysus' or simply Dio, who exudes a captivating fragrance with a seductive appearance. The essential ingredient for Dio's creation of wine is the unfulfilled deep desires that individuals carry throughout their lives, and Haesul happens to possess them! All she craves is the routine tranquility of everyday life, having lived without any other dreams or desires. Dio, in his relentless efforts to awaken Haesul's profound desires, employs his divine abilities, turning her life into a constant source of annoyance. (Source: Naver Corporation, translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaTop
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